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Trenchless Pipe Repair 101: How Does it Work?

sewer repair As trenchless sewer repair becomes more popular, business owners and homeowners alike are turning to trenchless technology to remedy a host of pipe and sewer line problems. Still, many people aren’t aware of this type of sewer repair — especially homeowners. About 78% of users on the trusted review website Angie’s List say they have never heard of trenchless sewer repair.

After all, it is fairly new: trenchless methods only came on the residential market about 10 to 15 years ago. What was once seen as a strictly industrial repair method has become readily available for the everyday consumer in need of a pipe repair. But what is trenchless sewer repair, anyway?

First of all, it’s an alternative to the standard “dig and replace” method. The trenchless technique works by placing new resin pipes inside of damaged pipes. You may have heard this method referred to as “pipe relining” or “pipe-within-a-pipe.”

Old pipes that have endured years of wear and tear are susceptible to acid corrosion, erosion, root damage, cracking, and/or breaking. The best way to remedy these problems is to use the trenchless sewer repair Bakersfield residents trust.

How does trenchless repair work, though? Thankfully, your lawn will be saved because trenchless experts take a no-dig approach. The entire process is conducted through a small access point so the pipes can be reached. From that point on, all the work is done underground, inside the pipes.

The process begins with a sewer camera inspection to locate the discrepancies in the pipe. Next, the imperfections in the host pipe are sealed as the new pipe is cured in place. Special liners coated in resin are pulled through the interior of the old pipe in preparation for setting. The liners are inflated to hold the resin until it sets or cures into a seamless pipe shape. Once it is fully hardened, the “pipe-within a pipe” is durable enough to serve as the main sewer line. The liners are removed and the interior is as good as new.

Whether a homeowner needs two feet or twenty feet of pipe fixed, trenchless sewer repair is the most convenient option. You might be a candidate for trenchless pipe repair if your sewer system has aged significantly, as experts say sewers over the age of 40 need replacing. Unsure about the current condition of your pipes? Give us a call for an inspection and our skilled team of repair technicians will handle any pipe problem you may have.

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