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What Causes Sediment Buildup?

water heater repair in Bakersfield, CA

When you see discoloration, rust flakes, or other debris in your home's water, sediment buildup could be to blame. Sediment buildup can also cause problems with your water heater. At The Plumbing Doc, we're the trusted provider for any type of water heater repair in Bakersfield, CA. Here are some reasons why your water heater may have sediment buildup.

Hard Water

Water that's naturally high in magnesium or calcium is called hard water. These minerals can settle out of the water when the water gets hot. This is the leading cause of water heater sediment buildup. We offer water heater replacement if the buildup causes the heating element to fail.

Old Plumbing

If you have old plumbing, it's possible for flakes of it to loosen and get into your water heater. This is most common in places with slightly acidic water. Our water heater services can determine if your old plumbing needs to be repaired or replaced.

Broken Pipe

Rarely, a broken pipe could cause sediment buildup in your water heater. Particles of soil could enter the water pipe, and they will precipitate out of the water when it gets hot. If this is the cause, you'll need pipe repair and a new water heater installation.

How to Prevent Sediment Buildup

One way to prevent sediment buildup is with a water softener. You could also use a whole-home filtration system. Another option is to install a tankless water heater. These don't have storage tanks that can collect sediment.

As your local plumber in Bakersfield, CA, we're here to handle any water heater repair or replacement you need. We also maintain water heaters in order to get rid of the sediment. 

To learn more or schedule any of our water heater services, give us at The Plumbing Doc a call today. You may also reach out to our team by filling out the online form.

Jerry Baranowski
Jerry Baranowski
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I'm using this company for my business needs as well as for my residential property. Very reliable and dedicated employees. 24/7 services whenever you have any plumbing problem they willing to help.

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