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When to Call an Emergency Plumber

plumber in Lamont, CA

Even when you know a reputable company like The Plumbing Doc is ready to get to work for you, there may still be some hesitation to reach out to a plumber in Lamont, CA. While it's not a good idea to put any plumbing problem on the back burner, there are some instances when you'll definitely want to contact us for emergency plumbing service.

There's a Clear Flooding Risk

Whether the source is a burst pipe, a water heater that's suddenly leaking, or a failed shut off valve, any situation where there's the potential for flooding is an emergency. Ignoring this type of emergency plumbing in Lamont, CA can result in costly damage to your property and belongings.

You're Dealing with a Sewage Backup

When your sewer line backs up, it creates an instant health hazard. A video inspection can be done to determine exactly the exact cause of the backup. You'll then be able to make a well-informed decision about what type of plumbing repairs in Lamont, CA are appropriate. In some cases, all that's necessary is a thorough drain cleaning. We also offer trenchless sewer line repair and replacement options.

Water Pressure is Low or There's No Water at All

Anything that affects the flow of water through your pipes should be considered an emergency. When your water pressure is low or you're not getting any water at all, there's often a leak or break somewhere else that needs immediate attention. We also suggest calling us for emergency plumbing in Lamont, CA if you notice:

  • Broken fixtures that are leaking
  • Odd and loud noises coming from your pipes as you attempt to run water
  • Foul and strong odors coming from drains
  • A toilet that's backing up or overflowing

The Plumbing Doc is the plumbing company in Lamont, CA to call when urgent plumbing assistance is needed. We'll properly and promptly assess the situation, mitigate further damage, and recommend a sensible and affordable solution.

Contact us today about our 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Lamont, CA and nearby areas.

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