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Why Do Pipes Collapse?

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In many cases, a sewer repair in Lamont, CA can be avoided if a few proactive steps are taken by the property owner. We here at The Plumbing Doc want our established and prospective clients to know how to deal with sewer pipe collapse, and to that end, we offer the following guidance.

Poor Installation Practices

If a subsurface pipe isn’t supported along its entire length by a properly compacted soil base, different sections of the pipe may settle at different rates. This can cause the pipe to come apart, crack or collapse completely and require sewer line replacement in Lamont, CA by a professional plumber.

Excessive Overburden

Parking or driving heavy equipment over a pipeline is one of the most common causes of pipe collapse. To prevent unnecessary sewer line repair in Lamont, CA, buried pipelines should be protected from traffic by signs, fencing, or hardscaping features.

Pipe Damage and Neglect

Tree roots and rocky soil can cause extensive damage to a pipe that may lead to pipe collapse if the problem isn’t remedied by professional sewer pipe line repair in Lamont, CA. Failing to keep the line clear of clogs and obstructions can also contribute to pipe corrosion and eventual collapse.

Advanced Age

Sewer piping has an expected lifespan of functionality. Although a pipe may not collapse immediately once it has reached the end of its useful life, older sewer pipes should be inspected regularly and replaced by a professional with experience providing sewer repair services in Lamont, CA at the first sign of damage.

Call for More Information

Contact the team at The Plumbing Doc to speak with a plumber in Lamont, CA about any concerns that you have regarding the condition of your sewer lines. We’ll set up a time to inspect your plumbing and provide you with information on our findings right away.

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