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5 Signs That Point to Clogged Pipes

As a homeowner you trust that everything in your house operates as it should when required. Sure, there are times when something happens and a repair is necessary, but the one place you will likely want to avoid a costly repair is with your plumbing system. But how do you know when your plumbing requires service? The Plumbing Doc offers this handy guide of the 5 signs that point to clogged pipes to help you determine whether or not you need to call us for some assistance.

Slow Draining

If the drains in your sinks, shower, or tub are slow to empty, this is a sign of something inside the sewer drain pipe that is reducing the flow of water. It can be a buildup of organic material that is slowly choking off the flow or possibly a tree root has broken through the pipe creating a blockage.

Sewer Smells

Should you detect foul odors coming from any of the drains in your home, the shower or tub included, you may have a clog that is holding up organic material.

Gurgling Noises

If draining one sink causes another one in the home to emit gurgling sounds, this is another hint of a problem in your sewer drain line. A blockage of any kind can result in drainage problems where gurgling sounds will be heard.

Toilet Water Level Changes

This is another one of those obvious signs of a clogged drain that may not appear as obvious. If the level of water in your toilet tends to fluctuate it is the result of changing water pressure. The water pressure can change with a clog in the drain line and once the line clears, the toilet water level will change.

Backing Up

Probably the most obvious and most unpleasant signs of a clogged drain line is when the sewer clean out spout in your home ends up sending waste water into your living area. The upright pipe is there for easy access to clean out the drain line but if the line has a blockage of any kind, wastewater will hit the clog and flow back to the source which will often be the sewer clean out.

What You Should Do If You Have These Signs

If you have any of the 5 signs that point to clogged pipes, you should contact us as soon as possible at The Plumbing Doc. Clogged pipes are no match for our high pressure hydro jetting system. It will blast a shot of water and air at the problem and flush away even the toughest clogs. It will even slice through tree roots. It is probably the fastest and most efficient way to clear a clogged sewer drain line short of digging the pipe out of the ground.

As we use trenchless technology, your clogged pipe stays where it is buried under the ground when we work on it. To book your appointment you can reach us via email or by calling 661-836-1620.

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