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Common Sump Pump Problems

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Not every possible issue that could affect a sump pump can be avoided. For this reason, you'll occasionally need to reach out to a plumber in Lamont, CA, from a reputable company like The Plumbing Doc if you have a sump pump. However, it can help have a better understanding of common sump pump problems, like the ones discussed below.

An Overwhelmed Sump Pump

Heavy rains can sometimes overwhelm a sump pump. But if this is happening on a regular basis, you may need some plumbing repairs done to fix worn or faulty parts. You may also have an overwhelmed pump if the one you have now isn't correctly sized. Having a battery backup pump can also come in handy for times when your pump gets overwhelmed.

A Pump That's Clogged or Not Working

You may need emergency plumbing assistance if you have a pump that's clogged or not working at all. There are many reasons for issues of this nature. Some of the more common ones involve:

  • A pump switch that's worn or damaged
  • Wiring issues
  • Mechanical issues with the pump itself

Switch problems can also cause a sump pump to run non-stop. The check valve in the discharge line could be the reason for this issue as well.

Clogged Discharge Lines

Rodent droppings and other debris may clog discharge lines. Regular inspections and cleanings can minimize these issues and keep these lines clear and functioning correctly. The pump's basin can also be affected by debris, although a cover can help with this problem.

We're Ready to Help with Your Sump Pump Needs

End your search for a reliable plumbing company with The Plumbing Doc. Whether you have a sump pump that needs adjusted, repaired, or replaced, we're here to help. We've also got you covered if you're ready to consider a new pump that's better sized and more efficient.

Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services involving sump pumps.

Jerry Baranowski
Jerry Baranowski
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I'm using this company for my business needs as well as for my residential property. Very reliable and dedicated employees. 24/7 services whenever you have any plumbing problem they willing to help.

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